I’m So Glad You Found Me in Here

I’m So Glad You Found Me in Here is a gripping story written by Matthew Hobson and his mother, Nancy Hobson, about the obstacles they encountered as they struggled throughout Matt’s school years to convince principals and teachers that he was capable of handling the curriculum, even though he didn’t appear to be.

With the help of his family, fellow students and dedicated facilitators, Matt graduated from high school and is currently studying at Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis. The Hobsons’ story is full of insight and comfort and is a must read for parents of a disabled child, particularly a child with autism, and for anyone wishing to learn more about the kind of support they can offer people with disabilities.

When Matthew was born, his parents knew that something wasn’t right. Doctors labeled him “severely mentally retarded.” His family slowly began finding ways to cope with the diagnosis. As a child Matt could not speak or write. He drooled and had very little muscle control. He appeared not to understand anyone or anything around him.

When Matt was 11 years old, his grandmother read an article about a woman named Laura Poorman who worked with non-verbal people using a method called facilitated communication. Matthew’s mother called Laura and talked to her about Matt. Laura invited the Hobsons to visit her at one of her student’s houses. Matt and Nancy watched as Laura worked with her student, supporting his hand and allowing him to use what little muscle he had to guide her to type on a computer keyboard. The boy was able to have entire conversations using facilitated communication. Matt then tried the method and to Nancy’s surprise began typing with Laura’s support. At 11 years old, having never been able to write or speak, he was communicating with his mother for the first time.

During that first session, when asked if there was anything he’d like to tell his mother, he typed, “I love you.”